The first stage is to collect the parts of plants that are needed for the specific product that we want to produce.  In most cases these parts are not available to the bees in nature. There is a strict process of preparing the food for the bees to obtain the exact amounts and the correct ratio of herbs.

The formulas are the result of years of research at Zuf Globus Laboratories.

Once the special syrup is ready for the bees it is transported in special containers inside the beehive. After the bees have sealed the hive the beekeeper collects the final product and stores it in containers that are delivered to Zuf Globus laboratories.

A sample is taken from the container and sent to an independent laboratory that will confirm the quality of the final product. At Zuf Laboratories the product is meticulously filtered to obtain a clean product, the final operation is the packaging and labeling of the jars.